Alex D'Ambrosio

As a professional chef for 15 years, I learned to appreciate texture, form and the composition of ingredients. I was proud of my culinary creations. However, the efforts of my creativity were admired then quickly consumed. Now in the serenity of my workshop, I have left the hurriedness of the kitchen behind, where I can create art that is tangible.
The mediums I favor vary from the mundane to the arcane; metals encrusted with rust, which tell a tale of long ago. A tire whose treads have been worn bare by thousands of miles of well-traveled road. A piece of railroad track that groaned under the weight of overloaded boxcars. A tree felled by the elements, its rings exposed and limbs laid bare. From the new to recovered objects of the past, these are my ingredients now, and I try to harmonize their stories in my creations. And as I sculpt with my new ingredients, always carving out, I find myself looking within.

Alex D'Ambrosio,

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